ACC 554 Management Accounting and Control – A Study Guide and Workbook for MBAs

Welcome to ACC 554 Management Accounting and Control – A Study Guide and Workbook for MBAs content page.  This Study Guide and Workbook has been designed to create an very efficient learning experience for your ACC 554 course and to help you to be successful in the course.  It includes clear and concise explanations of the management accounting concepts and tools covered in the course.  It also includes annotated solutions for all questions and problems which will be discussed in the online content of the course.

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  • Frigo, Mark L. Management Accounting and Control: A Study Guide and Workbook for MBAs (2016 Edition 2.0) — eBook Digital Download with personal copyright license watermark.
  • Supplemental Practice Problems to Accompany the Study Guide and Workbook
    • Module 1 Supplemental Practice Problems – Introduction to Management Accounting
    • Module 2 Supplemental Practice Problems – Job Order Costing
    • Module 3 Supplemental Practice Problems – Budgets, Standards and Variance Analysis
    • Module 4 Part I Supplemental Practice Problems – Cost Behavior Analysis
    • Module 4 Part II Supplemental Practice Problems – Cost Volume Profit Analysis
    • Module 5 Supplemental Practice Problems – Relevant Cost Analysis
  • Articles for background reading (these articles support Chapter 1 in the Study Guide on the topics of Strategy, Value-Based Management and the Balanced Scorecard:
    • “Return Driven: Lessons from High Performance Companies” Strategic Finance (2008)
    • “Guidelines for Strategic Financial Analysis” Strategic Finance (2003)
    • “The Balanced Scorecard: 20 Years and Counting” Strategic Finance (2012)
  • Diagnostic Quizzes
    • Quiz 1 – Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Maps (from Chapter 1 from the Study Guide)
    • Quiz 2 – Value Based Metrics (from Chapter 1 from the Study Guide)
    • Quiz 3 – Cost Accounting Concepts and Terminology (from Chapter 2 from the Study Guide)

– The diagnostic quizzes are available until Day 1 of the course at 12noon CST on
– The diagnostic quizzes are untimed but will be graded and are available until 12noon CST on Day 1 of the course

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