June 4, 2018

MSFT – Market expectations are for a rebound in Uniform ROA, and management is confident in Xbox, demand, and their servers

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  • Microsoft Corporation (MSFT:USA)currently trades near historical highs relative to UAFRS-based (Uniform) Earnings, with a 23.8x Uniform P/E, implying bullish expectations for the firm. Moreover, management is confident in Xbox, demand, and their servers
  • Specifically, management generated an excitement marker when saying that they grew Xbox Live monthly active users by 13% to 59 million, driven by user expansion across Xbox One. Additionally, they are confident that they have consistently acted in line with user privacy, and are confident in Cosmos DB. Furthermore, they are confident that they continue to see healthy enterprise demand for Windows 10 benefiting their OEM partners, and that their ability to allow customers to easily transition from Windows or SQL to Azure with only a small uplift in price is a core component of their hybrid server leadership
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