Get The Right Data for How to Position Your Portfolio for the Current Market Turbulence

We understand the risk of being frozen in inaction, or panic selling in the current market environment.

Considering the current market conditions, we are bringing back a very special offer we had put together previously.

We are bringing back this popular equity research bundle to help investors better position themselves for the near, and long term, using our forensic analysis to uncover the real macro outlook picture, as well as what stocks to invest in.

We’ll also be giving you access to a special webinar we hosted on our market outlook just last Friday…

And if you sign you up now, we’ll also include you in our upcoming client webinar on our latest update of our best idea list this Friday. As a client subscriber you can also get a taped version sent to your inbox.

You’ll get the following three (3) reports which are normally only available to you at the cost of $6,000 annually, or $600 per month.

(1) The Market Phase Cycle monthly macro analysis report. Even the best stock-pickers need special guidance due to current conditions. Our Market Phase Cycle monthly newsletter gives investors access to in-depth macroeconomic analysis of the U.S. market, focusing on aggregate valuations, sentiment, corporate credit risks, and other signals to help better identify macro inflections, enabling investors to focus on stock-picking instead of the macro. This subscription also includes access to Special Macro Report updates, research penned by Chief Investment Strategist, Joel Litman on topical macro and financial analysis issues/ Monthly Market Phase Cycle.

Now, more than ever, investors need deeper signals where the market and individual stocks are headed versus the news cycle produced by distorted as reported financial metrics.

Our framework uses Uniform Adjusted Financial Reporting Standards (UAFRS), the gold standard 9 out of 10 of today’s top money managers use. You get access to the cleaned up books of companies, showing you the real returns for companies after 130 accounting adjustments are made. The difference is remarkable and game changing.

(2) The Conviction Long List of best ideas quarterly report. This report has regularly outperformed the S&P since its inception. You’ll find about 20-30 names per quarter that we provide a deep analysis on; not only using our financial adjustments, but also our fundamental analysis going into companies credit, management compensation, business model and future earnings potential in the macro setting.

This report is our most sought after and most popular paid subscriber-based report. In fact, you can only get this report when subscribing to our full equity subscription, costing either $400 per month, or $4,000 per year. Advisors often use this report’s historic performance and tearsheets for these companies when talking with their clients.

As part of subscribing to the Conviction Long List, you also get a subscription to our (3) Weekly Equity Idea Highlight, our weekly report where we pick one name from the Conviction Long Idea List that is particularly compelling currently, and highlight why.

For a limited time, we are offering all three of these reports for only $200 per month, or $2,000 per year.

By subscribing today, you get:
  • Our monthly Market Phase Cycle macro report
  • Our quarterly Conviction Long Idea list
  • Our weekly top equity idea
  • Access to our client only macro update webinar for March, covering how to be positioned for this bear market
  • Automatically signed-up for our Conviction Long Idea List release webinar, where we’re highlight what we think is so compelling about our top ideas right now

This market downturn and damage will NOT LAST FOREVER. Having these valuable reports for 66% off our regular cost creates an opportunity that will help investment managers now, as well as the future.

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