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Consistent outperformance from better data

Investors at 9 out of the world's top 10 money management firms pay attention to Uniform Accounting research.

Those top 10 institutions include names like Blackrock, Vanguard Group and Fidelity, to name a few.

If you use Bloomberg, Factset, MorningStar or other data providers to study and learn about the stocks you care

about, we have something very important for you to consider.

Today’s best stock pickers and fund managers do not use as-reported databases, like you’re most likely using now. They have a competitive advantage that is now available to you.

To get the real cash flows and valuations of the companies in which you invest, you would need to make over 100 adjustments, for every company. You would need to spend months (or hundreds of thousands of dollars on an analyst), to get the real economic picture of your universe of stocks.

You need this real economic picture to make better decisions, to drive better outcomes.

Here are some adjustments/corrections that you need to consider in order to see the real numbers:

  • Mergers and acquisitions misreporting of revenues, assets, cash flows
  • Off-balance sheet debts and assets; lease capitalization and expensing
  • R&D expensing vs. capitalization
  • LIFO/FIFO cost of goods; LIFO/FIFO inventory pricing
  • Pension and OPEB non-cash charges to cash
  • Mis-reported interest expense
  • Mis-reported tax benefit/cost
  • Excess cash vs. working capital
  • Stock option expense
  • Significant other GAAP/IFRS accounting policies

Unless these adjustments are made you’re simply not getting the full picture of real corporate profits or valuations.

Fortunately for you, Valens Research does all of this.

For 25,000 companies in our database, Valens provides the real, cleaned up picture of profitability and valuations. We consider over 130 adjustments that need to be made to the financial statements to help investors make better decisions.

Instead of spending your time doing it yourself, or six figures on an analyst to do it for you, we offer three simple subscriptions:

  1. A content subscription
  2. A database subscription
  3. Full Access data and content subscription

From now, until Labor Day weekend, we’re providing you with an amazing opportunity to test our work for the next 12 months at a significant discount.

Sign up today for our Content Subscription and you’ll get the following reports and newsletters:

  • Conviction Long List of our best stock ideas that has consistently outperformed the S&P since its inception 4 years ago. (Top 10 ideas up 80% vs 45% for the market)

  • Thematic Short List of Ideas, our stock ideas you must avoid, names to either short, or at the very least make sure are not in your portfolio. This list has consistently underperformed over the last 7 years. (Up 75% vs 160% for the market)

  • Valens Equity Highlight Idea that consistently outperforms the S&P on a quarterly basis since its inception 3+ years ago.
  • Valens Equity Insights and Inflections provides analysis of a large portion of today’s most interesting names.
  • Valens As Reported Vs. UAFRS provides reports on the largest distortiions from GAAP accounting on companies.
  • Valens Market Phase Cycle Report provides our deep macroeconomic analysis which has consistently shown upcoming signals of where the market is trending.

For more information on this subscription,
visit https://www.valens-research.com/subscriptions-v2/?sid=1&f=2

Sign up today for our Database Subscription and you’ll get the following benefits:

  • View company analysis on over 25,000 companies
  • Screen for new ideas using dozens of preset metrics
  • Print or PDF reports on individual companies (tearsheets and charts)
  • Peer to peer and sector analysis
  • Credit Cash Flow Analysis
  • Keep track of different portfolios and watchlists
  • Training on how to identify potential undervalued names
  • Get extra conviction or find red flags in your picks

Finally, you can get a Full Access Database and Content subscription providing you the power to read our analysis and get our best ideas, as well utilize better data analytics for stock selection and portfolio building.

For a very limited time, until September 7th, we’re offering this truly amazing opportunity.

A content subscription for the above mentioned newsletters cost breakdown is as follows:

5 Equity Reports, which include our Quarterly Conviction Long List, Monthly Thematic Short Idea List, Weekly Equity Idea Highlight, Weekly Equity Insights & Inflections and Weekly UAFRS vs. As Reported:

Normal Rate is $500 per month or $5000 per year

1 Monthly Market Phase Cycle Report, which includes a 80-100 page deep analysis using a consistent framework and historical data for upcoming trends:

Normal Rate is $200 per month or $2000 per year

Our CONTENT subscription above is a $700 per month or $7,000 per year value normally.

As a special incentive offer for you to sign up before Labor Day, September 7th, we are giving you this CONTENT subscription package for either $350 per month or $3500 per year!

That is a 50% Savings

This is our way of introducing you to the benefits of our work.

We know after you read our newsletters on a regular basis, and use our ideas, you’ll find your investment pays for itself over and over again.

A database subscription for the above mentioned features which include individual company analysis and screening tools:

Normal Rate is $1000 per month or $10,000 per year for US Database or $1500 per month or $15,000 per year for Worldwide database.

A Full Access database and content subscription which includes all our analysis and data:

Normal Rate is $2000 per month or $20,000 per year.

PLEASE NOTE: We have worked out a remarkable opportunity for those that prepay for our CONTENT only package above. It’s been something that we and our new clients have really enjoyed:

If you prepay for the content package at $3500, which is already an amazing savings package, we will PROVIDE YOU WITH 6 MONTHS OF FULL DATABASE ACCESS at no charge.

That’s literally $6,000 value! With no additional cost to you.

We work individually with our clients to meet their specific needs. It’s been our experience that each subscriber process and usability is different.

Our Customer Relationship team is available to assist you with any questions or training. In addition, when needed, you’ll also have access to our analyst team.

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