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Is your portfolio ready for 2022?

Do you own stocks that are primed to outperform?

Have you sold those stocks that are facing significant thematic headwinds?

Are you appropriately positioned given the current macroeconomic environment?

If you’re using as-reported GAAP or IFRS financial statements to make your decisions, the answer is probably no.

Get access to our best stock picks, names to avoid, and our monthly macro outlook – all driven by the solution to GAAP and IFRS – Uniform Accounting.

There is a reason that all 10 of the largest investment firms, and over half of the top 300 investment firms in the world read Valens’ Uniform Accounting analysis on a regular basis. Uniform Accounting analysis is becoming a vital tool for investors to unlock insights for their portfolio and to unlock alpha.

Many of our clients tell us that once you’ve seen the TRUE numbers for a company you can never unsee them.  

Using Uniform Accounting, we are able to see through the noise of as-reported accounting to get better insights for our clients, to help guide them to better investment outcomes.

The Offer – our best stocks, macro content, and research, for $350 a month

Before our event even closed on November 18th, investors were jumping on the chance to get our best stock picks, macro outlook, and accounting research, plus six months of free access to the most detailed database of real corporate financials anywhere.

We can’t offer 6 months of free access anymore, but we are still offering 3 months access to our Uniform Accounting database for all annual subscribers. And you can still get our best UAFRS-driven stock picks, plus our monthly macro outlook, at a fraction of the price. Investors who sign up for a limited time will get:

1) All of our equity newsletters, including the Conviction Long Idea List and the Thematic Short Idea List

Over the past 5 years, Valens’ top stock ideas using Uniform Accounting (the Conviction Long Idea List) are up over 200%, versus just 147% for the market. Our “buy now” list (the top 10 names) is up nearly 300%, double the market.

Using our Uniform Accounting framework, we’ve identified large cap ideas like Facebook before it rose 600%, or Lam Research before it doubled.

We’ve identified under-followed small-caps like Planet Fitness, before it rose 200% and Cirrus Logic, before it rose 160%. 

Meanwhile, ideas on our “avoid” list have underperformed the market by 100% since inception. Had investors just avoided the names on our Thematic Short Idea List, they likely would have outperformed over time.

We told investors to avoid UBER in May 2019, and made a similar call on BYND a few weeks later. The market is up over 60% since then, while UBER and BYND have been up ~0%.

In September 2019, we told investors to short SIX.  Even before COVID, it was down 20% through February 2020, while the market was up over 10%.

Investors need to not only pick winners, but avoid those losers that can torpedo their portfolio. Our top two products help with both.

2) Our quant-driven QGV Top 50 Newsletter

Valens Research’s powerful factor-based stock-picking model has proven to outperform the market significantly. The Russell 3000 has impressively gained a 400% return over the last 20 years. The QGV50 stocks have nearly DOUBLED that.

These factors that can help investors generate massive returns are just like the factors identified by leaders such as Eugene Fama and Kenneth French thirty years ago. High quality, cheap stocks.

But with better data.

Generating alpha with these factors is no longer possible using traditional accounting data. GAAP and IFRS mask the real quality, and the real value of the stocks investors are looking at.

Using Uniform Adjusted Financial Reporting Standards (UAFRS), we can get back to the roots of quality investing.

This monthly newsletter highlights the 50 stocks that best represent Quality, Growth, and Value under the UAFRS framework, the same 3 factors that have doubled the benchmark historically.

3) 3-months of access to the UAFRS Database

Our newsletters cover 50-100 of the stocks we think matter the most right now to investors. For three months, annual subscribers to this special will get to see what the other 25,000 companies in the UAFRS database look like.

Is there a stock you’re interested in, but you’re not sure if it’s actually cheap? Or maybe you’re ready to short a name, and want to make sure that it is truly a poor-quality operator before pulling the trigger. See the real picture of profitability and valuation of any company you’re interested in, and all of the individual-company reports we’ve published with access to the UAFRS database.

4) Our TRUE EARNINGS POWER and Uniform Investing Genius e-books

These two special books give detailed insight into how Uniform Accounting works, and why it matters:

True Earnings Power details how to analyze companies using Uniform Accounting and the biggest adjustments that drive our model.

Meanwhile, Uniform Investing Genius takes readers through the history of investing greats, and evaluates their strategy through the lens of UAFRS.

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5) The Market Phase Cycle – Our Acclaimed Macroeconomic Newsletter

Our Uniform Accounting based macro research has regularly kept our clients in the market when others were panicking, and identified when they should get more cautious multiple times over the past 10 years. That includes:

  • Recommending staying in equities and buying the dip in late March 2020 in the midst of the pandemic
  • Warning investors about the coming pullback in late August of this year before the market dropped 6%
  • Calling the bottom in December 2018 before the market rallied 19%
  • Protecting investors in December 2015 by warning about valuation and growth issues before the market dropped 12%

Offer Expired

6) The US vis a vis China event replay

Wonder what our CIO has to say about the current state of the global economy, particularly with respect to China and the United States? Well you’re in luck – earlier this fall, our President and CIO, Professor Joel Litman, hosted a private event where he and our Director of Research Robert Spivey discussed just that, and we’ll be sharing a replay and the option to chat with Spivey with any new clients for a limited time.

Usually, subscribing to our equity newsletters costs $500 per month, or $5,000 for the full year, while our Macro subscription costs $200 monthly, or $2,000 for the full year. But as a special holiday offer, we’re giving subscribers access to everything above for just $350 monthly, or $3,500 annually. And if you sign up for the annual subscription, we’ll throw in 3 months of our Uniform Accounting database, another $3,000 value, at no extra cost.

Get your access for a limited time here.

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    Equity Newsletters (what to buy, and what to avoid)
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    (expired) US vis a vis China Video
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