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About Our Equity Bundle Subscription

While there are many different solutions available for clients, one of the most common ways investment advisors and portfolio managers leverage the power of Uniform Accounting insights is by accessing our Equity Bundle, which includes four marquee equity reports that are easily digestible and can be directly incorporated into their processes.

1.  Quarterly Top Stock Report:

Our subscribers have access to our Valens Conviction Long List, our report on ~30-50 companies per quarter intended to provide actionable stock “buy” ideas. This quarterly report is ideal for long-term fundamental investment decisions, and each name we select goes through an extensive analysis starting with our Uniform Accounting quantitative screening, and leveraging several additional proprietaries’ due diligence tools to generate significant alpha.

  *Performance as of August 31, 2022. 
2.  Valens’ Weekly Equities Insight & Inflection

Our Valens Weekly Insights & Inflection report highlights the most compelling research the Valens team has written in the prior week, including one Valens Equity Idea Highlight. In this report, we cover names on our Conviction List as well as popular stock names, along with management sentiment trends and aggregate trends in corporate communication and valuation. Our analysis uses both quantitative and qualitative tools, including Uniform Accounting data sets, Earnings Call Forensics technology, management alignment breakdowns, and macroeconomic and fundamental research.  Similar to the Conviction Long List, the weekly ideas can often be used as investable recommendations as well.

Below, see a comparison of the average performance of our weekly recommendations against the broader market over 3-month and 6-month rolling periods following the date of recommendation. 

Valens Equity Idea Highlight (VEIH) Performance and Past performance may not be indicative of future results

3.  Valens Thematic Short Idea List

The Thematic Short Idea List is an in-depth monthly report featuring major themes that could cause stocks to underperform, and identifying the stocks that are most exposed to those themes and may lag the market. This report includes a list of ~40-50 stocks that are potential torpedoes in your portfolio or stocks to steer clear from. The list has underperformed the market by over 400 basis points a year since we started publishing it and is used by short investors, and also by clients who want to make sure their portfolios don’t have any lurking underperformers.

Below, see the annual performance data of the Thematic Short Idea List since its inception through the end of January 2022. Note that, given this is a list of stocks to steer clear from, it is intended to underperform the market.

Valens Thematic Short Idea List Performance

4.  FA Alpha 50

FA Alpha 50 is a monthly screen, based on the fundamentals of Fama-French research, and built from over 20 years of backtesting how to best use Uniform Accounting data to outperform the market. This quantitative scorecard report has regularly beat the market by over 150 basis points a year over the past 20 years. The list of 50 high quality, high growth, low valuation stocks can be used as a starting point for new ideas/investments, or if you own those names, a verification of if the stock is potentially undervalued.

Below please see the performance of a portfolio of FA Alpha 50 names tested back to 2001.

Past performance may not be indicative of future results. 

Our Equity Bundle’s four reports are an excellent addition to improve your stock selection and portfolio performance.

To subscribe to these reports please contact Doug Haddad by phone at (630) 841 0683 or by email at doug.haddad@valens-research.com

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