NYSSA: Case Studies in Accounting Disasters

By Professor Joel Litman

Chief Investment Strategist and Managing Director at Valens Research and Professor at Hult International Business School


Monday, 6th March 2017


(In EST)

Monday, March 6 – 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM


Online / Webcast

Language: English

“Accounting is the Rosetta Stone of business”, according to Mr. Warren Buffett. When asked about an accounting book recommendation he said, “ I would suggest reading Berkshire reports and things like magazine articles about accounting scandals. You need to know how figures are put together.” In this online event we will do case studies on accounting disasters. Each speaker will present a case study in accounting, which will be followed by Q&A and discussion with informed panelists. Attendees will participate, chat and submit their questions online.