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Almost Everything You Need to Know About Retirement Savings

January 4, 2021

Valens Research’s Director of Research, Robert Spivey, was interviewed on the Money Life Show with Chuck Jaffe. In this interview [34:35], he talks about survive-and-thrive stocks and more in the Market Call.

Stop Punishing the Innovators

December 18, 2020

Valens Research’s Director of Research, Robert Spivey with DI Partner John Sviokla at Growth Innovators Speaker’s Series. Most breakthrough innovations take at least 5 years or more to come to scale. Most corporate business cases are three years or less. This punishes innovators massively. Combine this with the fact that the tenure in most corporations is less than 5 years—and you have a no-win situation for innovation. In this online event, Spivey and Sviokla discuss two ways to stop punishing the innovators: fancy and simple. The fancy way is to capitalize your R&D efforts according to an empirically derived amortization schedule specific to sector. The easy way is to use a 5-year NPV on innovation, like Amazon does. They also explain why, using insights from a 25,000-company global database on financial performance.

Only 12% of Companies are Well Positioned for Resilience After COVID-19 Pandemic

September 15, 2020

Valens Research’s Uniform Accounting data was used as source of a study conducted by Digital Intent. Based on the research conducted, there are eight principles to help companies become growth innovators and not only survive–but thrive–during a crisis.

TheoTrade’s Bierman: When this cycle ends—and it will—a reversal is coming

June 3, 2020

Valens Research’s Director of Research, Robert Spivey, was interviewed on the Money Life Show with Chuck Jaffe. In this interview [38:07], he discussed how #UniformAccounting reveals the true economic profitability and valuations of companies.

The Next Big Bath: Wall Street Is Blind To An Oncoming Earnings Disaster

May 28, 2020

President and CEO of Valens Research and Chief Investment Strategist of Altimetry Financial Research, Professor Joel Litman published an article on Forbes titled, “The Next Big Bath: Wall Street Is Blind To An Oncoming Earnings Disaster.” In this article, he discussed his insights on how the next “Big Bath” during this pandemic is happening, and why Wall Street analysts are directionally wrong in their earnings forecasts.

How one analyst cuts out the “noise” to identify overlooked risks to investors

May 11, 2020

Robert Spivey of Valens Research discusses the process his firm uses to better compare a company’s financial reports, and identifies nine stocks that face potential dividend cuts.

Professor Joel Litman: “Investing During The Pandemic; What Should I Do With My Money Considering All of the Volatility and Uncertainty Today”

May 5, 2020

Your home is your castle. A lot more will be spent on that castle in the coming years. COVID-19 is just an accelerator of that trend.

Nine stocks that face dividend-cut risks from analysts who ‘restate’ the earnings reports of 32,000 companies

May 4, 2020

A very high dividend yield typically means investors are no longer confident a company can maintain its dividend payout.

Creating and Investing Wealth: The Time Table Investor

February 28, 2020

Allocating investments based on the “100 minus your age” rule? You’re likely leaving money on the table. Rules of thumb like this leave most with significant portfolio underperformance.

Do Investors Watch the Wrong Investment Metrics?

February 20, 2020

The problem isn’t that metrics like EBITDA and adjusted EPS are adjusting too much, it’s that they aren’t consistent.

The CFO of Casey’s—Among The Largest Chains ‘No One Has Ever Heard Of’—To Retire

February 11, 2020

Even during the midst of the Great Recession, the firm was able to expand returns.

Indian equities not as expensive as reported, says Valens Research CEO

January 31, 2020

The price to earnings multiples of Corporate India as measured by Uniform Earnings is at a 10-year low, signaling markets have room to run.

INTERVIEW: Valens Research says active CDS mkt may break credit logjam

January 15, 2020

What’s more, corporate earnings power in India has seen a 40% increase over the past 18-24 months, according to Valens Research.

What Investor Sentiment Can Tell Us About This Historic Bull Market

December 2, 2019

To understand the relationship between margin investments and general market trends, it’s important to understand what buying on margin is, and why investors do it.

This is When the Next Recession Begins

December 1, 2019

The U.S. stock market is experiencing new market highs because credit and earnings cycles support it. 

The Biggest Waste of Time on Wall Street

September 21, 2019

GAAP is a well-intentioned but flawed effort to release comparable, meaningful numbers… That’s why I always make my own GAAP adjustments when analyzing businesses.

I’m exposing the biggest mass deception in U.S. financial history

September 1, 2019

You can either stand by and be a victim… or potentially increase your wealth by 5 to 10 times by taking advantage of my discovery.

20 More Best Stocks to Buy That You Haven’t Heard Of

May 28, 2019

Some are merely small, while others operate in obscure markets.

15 Mighty Mid-Cap Stocks to Buy for Big Returns

February 19, 2019

Investors may want to think about making a major, philosophical shift, with the possibility of a global economic headwind on the horizon.

Podcast: “Short Stops – #32: It’s Fundamental for a Reason” (Exclusive Interview with Professor Joel Litman

January 29, 2019

When you buy a stock, you’re saying, I’m smarter than the market – that the collective wisdom of crowds has not realized that this stock has opportunity.