About Us

In 2009, just as the dust was settling from the last major equity and credit market crises, we launched a boutique research firm with the intention of breaking Wall Street’s biases and broken incentives.

  • GAAP and IFRS have failed to provide rules for reliable financial statement reporting
  • As-reported macro economic analysis is not grounded in economic reality
  • Stock analyst recommendations are not based on disciplined financial statement analysis
  • Credit agencies have been set up to grossly fail in their responsibilities to investors and the public markets

We sought to provide investors and company analysts with a source of information that changed all that. The integrity of Valens Research is founded in our disciplined processes and analytics. No “star” analysts. No corporate advisory relationships.
No-nonsense opinions and recommendations. We provide industry expertise and proven, back-tested data, with offices worldwide, a team of over 100 trained accounting analysts, and a comprehensive online database with over 25,000+ companies and growing.

Our Methodology and Results

Today's largest broker/dealer organizations do not provide adjusted, forensically audited research to Wealth Advisors and Financial Planners. They give advisors what everyone else on Wall Street gets; research that is put together based upon REPORTED financials from companies, not ADJUSTED financials that have gone through extensive screening and forensic accounting.

GAAP accounting guidelines allow companies to do all sorts of things to their books. Unfortunately, most, if not all research is produced base upon misleading figures. You know it. We know it. And Wall Street knows it.

Valens Research rips apart the financial statements of over 25,000+ companies globally, line by line, to uncover GAAP and IFRS distortions using UAFRS principles. We apply over 130 individual adjustments, cleaning up distortions related to R&D, Operating Leases, Stock Options, Excess Cash, M&A PP&E and Earnings, Goodwill, etc.

The results of this process are telling. Since we started highlighting our conviction long ideas three years ago, the average weekly idea has outperformed the S&P 500 by 2.6% quarterly, or by nearly 11% annually.