Institutional Services

Access to all of Valens Research’s offerings, including newsletters and database access, plus custom solutions for your institution and a dedicated team of analysts to tailor UAFRS and Valens’ tools for your firm’s specific financial analytics needs.

Monthly or quarterly meetings can be scheduled to go over specific pieces of analysis, or specific investment ideas as needed. Also includes access to custom screening capability and deeper due diligence solutions.

Valens Research Services

Analyst Meetings

Dedicated analyst meetings on a monthly or quarterly basis – spend time reviewing UAFRS insights on your portfolio torpedoes and opportunities, and covering Valens’ best ideas and macro insights in depth.

Custom Screening Solutions

Access the full suite of UAFRS data needed to sift through the noise. Looking for value or growth? Earnings expansion, or high-quality companies? Turnarounds or high-yielding names? Our solutions can help you narrow your search.

Due Diligence Solutions

With this service, we also offer deeper due diligence offerings, including deeper focus on credit or equity and drivers of profitability, as well as the opportunities for a name on the long and short side, and other bespoke solutions.

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