Market Phase Cycle

Even the best stock-pickers can lose money in bear markets. Our Market Phase Cycle monthly newsletter gives investors access to in-depth macroeconomic analysis of the U.S. market, focusing on aggregate valuations, sentiment, corporate credit risks, and other signals to help better identify macro inflections, enabling investors to focus on stock-picking instead of the macro.

This subscription also includes access to Special Macro Reports, research penned by Chief Investment Strategist, Joel Litman on topical macro and financial analysis issues.

Subscription Benefits

  • Newsletters and Insights

    Access to monthly newsletters and insights from the Valens Research team that focus on the US and global markets.
  • Monthly Macro Analysis

    Monthly Market Phase Cycle Macroeconomic analysis of US and major global regions, and access to historic Market Phase Cycle reports.
  • Special Macro Reports

    Research and analysis penned by Chief Investment Strategist, Professor Joel Litman on topical macro and financial analytics issues, and access to historic Litman Letters.
  • Investment Reports

    Valens Aggregate ETF and Mutual Fund Embedded Expectations reports on widely followed investment vehicles, to help investors identify asset allocation related investing opportunities.
  • Proprietary Research

    Aggregate analytics of Valens proprietary research surrounding corporate profitability, aggregate valuations, earnings and cash flow quality, credit markets, and management sentiment data.

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