Thank You

This is to confirm that we have received your answers for this week’s grammar quiz. Here are the correct answers for your reference:


1. Correct Answer: B – The effect of the antibiotic on her infection was surprising.
Explanation: the noun effect means “result” or “outcome.”


2. Correct Answer: A – I did not know that antibiotics could affect people so quickly.
Explanation: the verb affect means “to influence.”


3. Correct Answer: A – Plastic surgery had an effect, not only on her appearance, but on her self-esteem.
Explanation: see Explanation 1.


4. Correct Answer: B – If the chemotherapy has no effect, should she get surgery for the tumor?
Explanation: see Explanation 1.


5. Correct Answer: A – When will we know if the chemotherapy has taken effect?
Explanation: the phrasal verb take effect means “to go into operation; to start working.”


6. Correct Answer: B – The doctor observed the patient’s gloomy affect.
Explanation: affect as a noun means “emotional expression or response.”


7. Correct Answer: A – We cannot effect a new policy without the board of directors voting on it first.
Explanation: the verb effect means “to bring about” or “to cause.”


8. Correct Answer: A – To have the most effect, you should know both your strengths as well as your weaknesses.
Explanation: see Explanation 1.


9. Correct Answer: B – The movie “Winged Migration” affected him in two ways: he became an environmental advocate and a bird lover.
Explanation: see Explanation 2.


10. Correct Answer: B – The net effect of blowing the whistle on her boss was that she was eventually given his position.
Explanation: see Explanation 1.