Thank You

This is to confirm that we have received your answers for this week’s grammar quiz. Here are the correct answers for your reference:

1. Correct Answer: B – I am dizzy and need to lie down.
Explanation: lie means “to recline.”


2. Correct Answer: A – When I got dizzy yesterday, I lay down.
Explanation: lay is the past tense of lie.


3. Correct Answer: B – My brother lays carpet for a living.
Explanation: lay means “to put or place.”


4. Correct Answer: B – The book has been lying there for weeks.
Explanation: lying is the present participle of to lie.


5. Correct Answer: A – We need to lay this baby down for a nap.
Explanation: see Explanation 3.


6. Correct Answer: A – We will know when we have laid this issue to rest when we no longer fight about it.
Explanation: laid means “put” or “placed.”


7. Correct Answer: B – The lions are lying in wait for their prey.
Explanation: see Explanation 4.


8. Correct Answer: A – The lions have lain in wait for their prey.
Explanation: lain is the past participle of to lie.


9. Correct Answer: A – I laid the blanket over her as she slept.
Explanation: laid is the past tense of lay.


10. Correct Answer: B – I will lay my head on my pillow shortly.
Explanation: see Explanation 3.