Make sure you’re focused on avoiding losers as much as you’re focused on scooping up winners…

Rule No. 1: Never lose money

- Warren Buffett

A lot of investors forget this rule when investing, especially in times like these.

After the market fell 30% in February and March, and some names fell 50% or more, investors that have been searching for value have scooped them up, sometimes indiscriminately.

In times like these, we feel strongly that investors should be entering the market. Our proprietary Market Phase Cycle™ report highlights all the reasons to be patiently optimistic right now. However, we want to make sure investors are buying the right names, and avoiding the wrong ones.

Because sometimes there is value, and sometimes there are value traps.

We're hosting a complimentary webinar to discuss our top short ideas, as well as how you can get access, May 15th at 12pm ET.

When our clients go hunting for beaten-up names, we want to make sure you aren’t buying “torpedoes”, or those names that can blow up a portfolio, even when they’re already down. If you’ve spent years building a track record, all it takes are a few poorly timed, bad purchases, to lose your money.

To help our clients avoid those disasters, we’ve added the Valens Thematic Short Idea List to our Equity Newsletters subscription. Starting this month, we’re giving access to a report that has previously been reserved for only selected institutional clients. This list highlights the different market themes that are more likely to underperform, and those names in each theme that can blow up your performance.

Since we started the list over seven years ago, the ideas on this list have returned just 29%, compared to the market return of 96%. That means over seven years, ideas on this list have underperformed by over 60%.

If investors owned these names, the chances they beat the market were slim-to-none.

WIth the launch of our short idea list as a new part of our Equity Newsletter offering, we are hosting a special webinar.

On this webinar, we’ll be highlighting the interesting themes we’re seeing in our latest Thematic Short Idea report. We’ll talk about the most important theme we think investors should be avoiding in the coming month, quarter, and year.

We’ll also be highlighting the process we’ve gone about to create a report that has consistently identified names that underperform the market.

But we won’t just be highlighting the compelling insights about our Thematic Short Idea list, we’ll also be telling you two other key insights:

  • What our Market Phase Cycle macro analysis says about where the market is likely heading next, and what to make of the current environment
  • Our favorite long idea, and why we like it, from our Conviction Long Idea list

At our complimentary webinar, we’ll cover all this content, and how you get access to it.

This complementary webinar will highlight all the powerful content you get by subscribing to our Equity Newsletter subscription, and a special offer we’re only making for the next few weeks, to get access to it and even more content at a special discounted rate.

Sign up to learn more by joining us on May 15th.

We understand this market environment has people searching for confirmation of their process, as well as new ideas that have gone on sale recently. This bundle offers all of that, and will help managers now, as well as in the future.

If you have any questions, or don’t want to wait for the webinar to hear about this special offer, you can reach out to Doug Haddad and our Client Servicing Team at or call us at 630-841-0683.