CFA Institute Asia-Pacific – Splitting Sectors: The At-Home Revolution Will Change Investing Strategies Forever (Not just because of COVID)

By Professor Joel Litman

President and CEO of Valens Research and Chief Investment Strategist of Altimetry


Thursday, 17th September 2020


(In HKT)

6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

This webinar will be conducted for CFA Institute APAC, its members, and affiliates. Professor Litman’s programs have received tremendous reviews from CFA Societies, Executive MBA Programs, and institutional investors recently in Boston, New York, Singapore, Istanbul, and around the world.

In this program, Litman discusses how the “At-Home Revolution” is forcing corporations and investors to rethink sector and industry allocation—the pandemic is a mere accelerator to a decade long trend changing human behavior worldwide.

Spending patterns are changing as living patterns are changing—and so is the market. 

Expecting a rebound in banks, note those with residential versus commercial real estate portfolios of assets. One of these is in for a decade long bear market while the other is experiencing an uncanny boom.

When will we see the recovery in travel and hospitality? One has to think very differently about airlines versus hotel chains. They won’t share the same cycle as they have in the past.

Work at home, play at home, supply the home, heal at home, and protect the home… all perspectives of a megatrend that’s just getting rolling. Traditional sector analysis does not provide proper exposure to the varying forces of change.

Point of Focus: How US GAAP and IFRS accounting standards are wholly unreliable, directionally and materially, causing some investors to completely miss the market evidence for the At-Home Revolution

With 220 of the top 300 global investment firms reading Valens Research reports, there is no doubt of the widespread recognition of a worldwide failure in financial reporting. It does not represent economic reality. Thereby, it misleads many investors, causing them to miss major economic trends… until it’s too late.

Please join us as Professor Litman shares real world, live examples of how the At-Home Revolution continues to shape the winning and losing companies and investors over the next decade.