CFA Singapore – The Dark Side of Financial Statement Analysis: Building Informational and Analytical Advantages

By Professor Joel Litman

President, CEO, and Chief Investment Strategist of Valens Research


Wednesday, 26th September 2018


(In SST) Wednesday, September 26 – 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM


Venue: TBA

CFA Singapore is bringing the highly-acclaimed “Dark Side” seminar with Professor Litman to Singapore. It has received highest marks at CFA Chapters and universities in New York, Boston, London, Hong Kong, and around the world.

“The Dark Side of Financial Statement Analysis” is an extremely practical, intensive day-long session into time-tested strategies employed by the world’s greatest investors.

While this course focuses on fundamental investing, it shows how better analytics can be used to create competitive advantages for investors. The term “Quantamental” describes how analytical, informational, and emotional advantages can be combined to generate concrete alpha in a stock portfolio.

A highlight of the program is the real-time use of Uniform Financial Analytics in real world, current investment situations. Based on UAFRS (Uniform Adjusted Financial Reporting Standards), it features Uniform Earnings, Uniform P/E multiples, and entire data sets of enhanced analytics to better quantify and assess corporate performance and valuation.

In this seminar, enhanced analytics are combined with other tools and tactics of the some of the world’s greatest investors. Participants leave with a new understanding of alpha-generation and a platform for re-examining and enhancing their own investment processes and potential for success.

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