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Valens Research is a global investment and corporate research firm. Valens is the world leader in Uniform Financial Analytics under UAFRS. Valens Research is used by institutional investors and corporations. Research Reports and data are highly downloaded in Factset, top ranked in SeekingAlpha, and has appeared on CNBC, in WSJ’s Barron’s, Institutional Investor, in CFA programs around the world, and by some of the world’s largest and highest-performing investment firms.

Valens Research is looking for aspiring data scientists to join our team at our office and education center at PSE Tektite in Ortigas, Philippines. Our data scientist team turns information and data points into valuable decision-making tools. They also help us to turn manual processes into automated, smart, machine learning programs.

Duties range into a number of exciting areas for data scientists. These include mapping manual processes and converting them into automated programs. This also includes building Artificial Intelligence decision-making tools using structured and unstructured data.

At Valens, this includes using data sets about companies utilizing one of the most powerful financial statement analysis engines ever built. This includes business analytics that are not available anywhere else in the world.

Our data scientists are breaking new ground in the area of investment and corporate decision-making, using unique, enhanced, and proprietary data. Valens data scientists work in multi-functional roles, a one-day could be spent entirely with the IT development team, while another day sitting side-by-side with our top financial analysts. People within this role should also be able to perform statistical analysis.

Valens data scientists learn how to extract meaning from and interpret data. This requires tools and methods from statistics and machine learning, as well understanding and mapping how humans think and act. This often includes the process of collecting, cleaning, and organizing data into useful sets and algorithms.If you feel you’re right for this job, please contact us by email at with the email subject “Data Scientist Application – <Your Name>”.

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