Equity Newsletter

The Valens Equity Newsletter includes a number of report to keep investors up to date on the equity markets. First is Valens’ Conviction Long List. This is a quarterly list of our 20-30 top equity ideas, based on Uniform Accounting analysis and the Valens Research analyst team’s fundamental research. Next is our Thematic Short List. The Thematic Short List is a monthly list of our top 10-15 short-candidate themes, complete with companies within each theme that have the potential for significant underperformance, based on Uniform Accounting analysis, Earnings Call Forensics issues, and Forensic Red Flags.

The Equity Newsletter also includes several weekly reports. These include the Valens Equity Insights and Inflections (VEII), Valens Equity Idea Highlight (VEIH), and Valens UAFRS vs. As-Reported Weekly (UAFRS). The VEII highlights our most compelling research, our top picks, management sentiment trends, and aggregate trends in corporate communication and valuation. The VEIH focuses on our top conviction long idea each week and why the name appears to have significant fundamental mispricing. Finally, the UAFRS report highlights the largest dislocation the Valens Research team is seeing on a weekly basis between Uniform Accounting and as-reported metrics. It also helps explain the rationale behind some of our biggest adjustments.