HARD-CHARGING CONSULTANTS: What a Co-op at McKinsey/Big 4 Won’t Teach You

By Professor Joel Litman

CEO of Valens Research, Former Deloitte Director, Former PwC Senior Principal, Credit Suisse and American Express Alumni


Tuesday, 9th February 2021


6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

A truly no-holds-barred view of the consulting career and consulting industry (and consulting co-op positions). This seminar is a veritable “how-to” guide for excelling in your potential future as a management consultant.

  • What is the biggest analytical failure of modern-day management consultants?
  • How do hard-charging consultants prioritize their work, their clients, and their daily activities?
  • What McKinsey books—and other consulting bestsellers—should you avoid at all costs?
  • What consulting framework applies as much to helping clients as to planning one’s own career?

And ultimately, how to succeed as a management consultant, based on a 20+ year research study of the greatest business analysts, investors, and leaders of the last 100 years.

There is no charge for attending this special webinar for the Northeastern University community.

This program will be conducted by Professor Joel Litman, President and CEO of Valens Research. He is a former consultant at two of the big four consulting firms. And he never worked at McKinsey. He’ll tell you why.

Also, for those interested, learn about a co-op opportunity to work with four of the most senior and iconic consulting firm leaders of the last 30 years.

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