Mightier Than the Sword: Secrets of GREAT Content and Copywriting

By Professor Joel Litman

Chairman and CEO of Valens Research and the Founder and Chief Investment Strategist of Altimetry Financial Research


Friday, 25th August 2023



4:00 PM – 5:00 PM PHT


Attention all aspiring content creators and future engaging writers… Embrace the call of the quill!

A life-changing opportunity awaits you, an opportunity to hone your craft beyond word-writing, and into thought-smithing. Your future experience with us promises invaluable insights that would make your parents joyful and leave your friends in awe. 

We promise our new content creators that we will help you develop that extra-sensory vision to see into the inner workings of incredibly successful organizations, and the most highly accomplished leaders and their copywriting principles and best practices.

Leo Burnett: “The secret of all effective advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships.”

David Ogilvy: “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.” 

Joanna Wiebe: Your job is not to write copy. Your job is to know your visitors, customers and prospects so well, you understand the situation they’re in right now, where they’d like to be, and exactly how your solution can and will get them to their ideal self.”

We work and write with some of the world’s greatest leaders. You equip yourself with coveted secrets of writing prowess, and frankly, business and career success.

Imagine yourself soon in a position in the PH—working with the highest levels of captains of industry, refining your skills with icons of the corporate, consulting investment, and personal achievement worlds. 

From your perch in the beautiful Philippines, reaching across the Earth, to put pen to paper, enlightening audiences on some of the most challenging, important, and inspirational concepts impacting the world order.

Here, you’ll gain firsthand experience that will motivate and move mountains, embarking on a journey that will supercharge your writing career.

Mark your calendar for August 25, 2023 (Friday), as we invite you to this exclusive online event by the VX Dynamic Group inside Valens Research. 

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Guided by Professor Joel Litman, Chairman and CEO at VX Dynamic and Valens Research, you’ll discover the pivotal role of great content writers. His own writing works have been read by millions and millions around the world. Professor Litman will be live-streaming in front of a live audience from our Valens Research Asia center in Manila.

*All attendees who Zoom-in, and also follow Professor Joel Litman on LinkedIn, will receive a  working manuscript of our VDMC’s “Write with the Pen of the Masters” eBook, free of charge. This eBook has not been made available to the public yet, and will be exclusive to webinar attendees.

Mightier Than the Sword: Secrets of GREAT Content and Copywriting

PH Recruitment Content Writers 

 By Professor Joel Litman

August 25, 2023, Friday, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM PHT + Q&A

*This webinar is free of charge. Registration is required to save your slot.

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We welcome all proficient writers, researchers, and proofreaders to apply, regardless of their academic or professional background. If you possess skills in writing, researching, and proofreading, we encourage you to join us and unleash your creativity. 

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About the Speaker:

Professor Joel Litman is Chairman and CEO of Valens Research and the Founder and Chief Investment Strategist of Altimetry Financial Research. He is a member of the Board of Directors of COL Investment Management. (PSE:COL). 

Professor Litman has been interviewed on CNBC, quoted in publications like Barron’s Magazine and Institutional Investor, and is a regular author in Forbes. He published “Give My Regrets to Wall Street” in Harvard Business Review and co-authored the highly-acclaimed book, DRIVEN: Business Strategy, Human Actions, and the Creation of Wealth.

Professor Litman has lectured and advised at top programs like Harvard Business School and London Business School, for the U.S. Department of Defense at the Pentagon and U.S. Marine Corps War College, for CFA Societies and investment teams from New York to London to Manila, and for the global leadership of some the world’s largest firms such as PwC and Credit Suisse.

He is a member of the Makati Business Club and has received high marks for his programs presented at the American Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines.

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