NYSSA: High Yield Bond Master Class & 27th Annual High Yield Bond Conference

By Professor Joel Litman on Credit Views at 9:50am to 10:45am

Global Investment Strategist, COL Financial and Chief Investment Strategist, Valens Research


Wednesday, 21st June 2017 to
Thursday, 22nd June 2017


(In EDT)

Wednesday, June 21

8:30 AM to 3:45 PM – Masterclass

Thursday, June 22

8:30 AM to 4:30 PM – Conference

***9:50 AM to 10:45 AM – Professor Litman’s Segment on Credit Views


NYSSA Conference Center
1540 Broadway, Suite 1010
45th Street Entrance
New York, USA

NYSSA’s longest-running conference brings attendees up to the minute on the market outlook and key innovations. Leading market participants will address the challenge of rising interest rates and the reduced liquidity brought about by new regulations. Expert presenters will discuss current developments in the new issue market and leveraged loans.

The master class focuses on the basic building blocks of high yield investment. Leading practitioners will describe state-of-the-art practice in high yield credit analysis and portfolio management techniques.