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  1. VEWI – Valens’s Equity Weekly Insight
    Highlights the most compelling research the Valens team has written in the prior week, including Valens’ top picks, management sentiment trends, aggregate trends in corporate communication and valuation, and updates to our Quarterly Conviction Long List. Our analysis uses both quantitative and qualitative tools, such as our Uniform Accounting, Earnings Call Forensics, management alignment analytics, macroeconomic and fundamental research.

  2. CLL – Valens’ Quarterly Conviction Long Idea
    A detailed list of Valens’ top ~30-40 long equity ideas, based on Uniform Accounting analysis and the Valens Research analyst team’s deep fundamental research. This list has outperformed the market by over 380bps a year since we started publishing it. Each idea includes details as to why it is compelling to the Valens team right now, and what our research signals the company is worth.

    Our top 10 ideas nearly double the S&P on an annualized basis.

  3. TSIL – Thematic Short Idea List – A Monthly Report of Potential Portfolio Torpedoes to Avoid
    An in depth report featuring major themes that could cause stocks to underperform, and identifying the stocks that are most exposed to those themes, and may lag the market. A list of ~40-50 stocks that are potentially torpedoes in your portfolios, or stocks to steer clear from. The list has underperformed the market by over 400bps a year since we started publishing it, and is used by short investors, and also by clients who want to make sure they’re portfolios don’t have any lurking underperformers.

  4. FA Alpha – A Powerful Monthly Quantitative Equity Idea Report – Valens’ QGV Top 50 Undervalued Stocks
    A screen built from over 20 years of backtesting how to best use our Uniform Accounting data to outperform the market. This quantitative scorecard report has regularly beat the market by over 150bps a year the past 20 years. The list of stocks can be used as a starting point for new ideas/investments, or if you own those names a verification of if the stock is undervalued.

    * Past performance does not guarantee future results.


Macroeconomic Report

Where are we really in the current Bull or Bear market cycle? Get the perspective of more than 200 years of market research at your fingertips.

Learn insights where the stock market is going— a report used by the world’s top investment managers and exclusive to financial advisors through a Valens Research subscription.

Find out what the next several quarters will bring us; and what sectors and stocks you should be investing in.


Get access to our Uniform Accounting Database Dashboard – For investors who want to do their own research, there is no better option. Users can screen for their own ideas, build their own portfolios, review pre-build discounted cash flow valuation models and performance data to value over 32,000 companies based on their own scenarios, and to do their own due diligence. The database dashboard gives access across Valens’ entire performance, valuation, and credit analytics datasets, including access to all of our individual company reports and tearsheets.

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