Stock Markets and Crises 2022: Professor Litman back in Manila for the first time in more than two years

By Professor Joel Litman

Chairman and CEO of Valens Research and the Founder and Chief Investment Strategist of Altimetry Financial Research


Monday, 21st March 2022



4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Live-streamed from Valens Research offices at Tektite Towers in Manila (FKA The Philippines Stock Exchange).

The mainstream media can’t wait to slap the word “crisis” onto anything that will drive knee-jerk viewership to their broadcasts and websites:

Inflation crisis, debt crisis, food crisis, oil crisis, geopolitical crisis, and of course the ultimate crisis for the media to sell their advertisements and banner ads… “war.”

– However, what is the real impact of all these various Crises on the equity markets?
– How do the markets perform once the panic-sellers and momentum traders have left the building, so to speak?
– And how much of the current “crises” played up by the media may be more hype than real fundamental problems (at least for the stock markets)?

Join us online with Professor Joel Litman, returning to Manila for the first time in more than two years and hear first-hand about the Crises discussions that Litman has been having with his clients and readers in the US – which include 230 of the largest investment managers in the world (and all ten of the top ten).

P.S. In case you know anyone interested, Prof Litman will also briefly mention how Valens Research continues to grow their teams of financial analysts and marketing professionals and the roles they are recruiting right now.

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