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BE POETIC! How can you say a speech or deliver a presentation with ease? [Speak on the Shoulders of Giants]

July 7, 2020

In giving a speech, there are instances where we rely mainly on our printed copies as a guide.

We get too comfortable in reading it right out of the script. As a result, we forget to read and project the necessary commas and periods in between sentences.

We forget to pause or even just to breathe.

Sometimes, the audience doesn’t get to absorb what you’re explaining because you’re reading your lines too quickly!

How do we avoid this from happening?


— This is just one of the powerful secrets featured in James C. Humes’ book, “Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln.”

As mentioned in our previous article, you can’t expect to deliver a speech effectively just by reading it out loud.

You need to project and LAY OUT YOUR SPEECH PROPERLY.

When we print out speeches or talking points for a presentation, we tend to compile the sentences and paragraphs we want to remember mentioning, but we might not be considering how it sounds out loud.

Reading out loud and directly from your notes or script without careful practice and preparation might cause you to miss stops or pauses.

There’s a high chance that you’ll go on and on, disregarding punctuation marks and missing the mark on conveying the right emotion.

This is where the phrase-by-phrase technique comes in.

Using this technique can help you TRANSFORM YOUR SPEECH INTO POETRYPower Poetry.

Lay out your speech or talking points by breaking them into phrases that you can easily read per line and in the manner that you want it to be heard and understood.

Doing so will help you with projecting the necessary pauses, stops, and emotions. Space out the contents of your speech in bite-sized pieces.

Try breaking down sentences into phrases. Take into account what ideas or words you want to put emphasis on and MAKE IT LUMINOUS.

Make your ideas and messages stand out so they are imprinted on your audience’s minds.

Use phrases that have a clever play on words.

Look for rhymes…

we cannot dedicate
we cannot consecrate

Use words that begin with the same letter or sound…

will little note
nor long remember

Or even opt for parallel prepositions.

of the people
by the people
and for the people

Do your best to sound poetic but not overly dramatic.

By using these elements, you don’t risk sounding like you’re just reading from a piece of paper or monitor and neglecting your audience.

Power Poetry can help you deliver your speech with the right emotion and highlight the specific ideas you want to get across.

You also don’t need to worry about coming off as “unprepared.”

Not only does this technique make it easy for you to read and present effectively, but it also won’t give your audience a hard time keeping up with the discussion.

You’ll make a good impression that your audience will remember you for!

Try incorporating Power Poetry in your next presentation.

This tip might just be what you need to help you build confidence and improve your public speaking skills!

About The Dynamic Marketing Communiqué’s
“Wednesdays: Speak on the Shoulders of Giants”

In a meeting with one person

…a boardroom with five people

…or a huge venue with hundreds of people

—whatever the situation or setting, it’s very important to learn and eventually master the art of public speaking.

No matter what, you always need to effectively get your message across.

What good is a presentation with awesome content if you don’t deliver it properly?

Every Wednesday, we publish different tips, insights, and secrets on how you can improve your presentation skills to captivate your audience and lead interesting discussions.

The need for great presentation skills applies EVERYWHERE.

(Small meetings with your team, big meetings with your boss, an important marketing pitch, speaking engagements for events with a big audience, etc.)

Learning these skills is not just for the corporate world. Being in other industries such as the Arts, Information Technology, Medicine, and Education while knowing how to present well will definitely give you an edge.

Have that advantage.

Hope you’ve found this week’s public speaking tip interesting and helpful.

Stay tuned for next Wednesday’s Speak on the Shoulders of Giants!


Kyle Yu
Head of Marketing
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