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Copy editing need not be a difficult task with this AI-assisted technique! [Wednesday: Write with the Pen of the Masters]

April 3, 2024

It’s 12:30 am and you’ve just put the finishing touches to a write-up you’ve been writing for hours.

You heave a sigh of relief because for the first time since you started writing, you’re now able to rest.


Instead of resting, you get back to work on your draft, looking for ways to perfect it.

30 minutes after, all you’ve managed to do is stare at your laptop screen, paralyzed thinking about what to do next.

If only there were a surefire way of proofreading your drafts…

*Enter Joanna Wiebe’s “Seven Sweeps”*

For those of you who don’t know, Wiebe is a renowned conversion copywriter and founder of copywriting website Copyhackers.

For several years, she has earned her clients millions of dollars in conversions and has empowered a generation of professionals who write for a living.

Today’s “Write with the Pen of the Masters” will focus on one of her copywriting tricks called the “Seven Sweeps.”

The “Seven Sweeps” are a step-by-step process used in copy editing to quickly “sweep” over your copy, checking it against these criteria, in the following order:

  • Clarity – “Is the message clear?”
  • Voice and Tone – “Does this sound like our or my client’s brand?” “Does it fit with the message?”
  • So What – “Why is this important?” “When my audience reads this, will they care?”
  • Prove It – “Is there an unsupported claim that I should prove?”
  • Specificity – “Can I be more specific?”
  • Heightened Emotion – “Did my write-up resonate with my readers?”
  • Zero Risk – “Have I omitted words that make readers feel they have to do something tedious?”

The “Seven Sweeps” will help you write better copies and other high-converting marketing content for yourself or your brand.

However, it can be challenging to go through your whole draft, especially when you’re in a rush or going through a writer’s block.

The great thing is, you can use ChatGPT to help you “sweep” your write-up as well!

According to Chris Silvestri of Copyhackers, you can use the AI chatbot as a personal assistant that can walk you through the “Seven Sweeps.”

Here’s what you need to do:


Share your copy or write-up with ChatGPT and make sure to feed it with text from your draft, and remove any additional elements like CTA buttons or headlines.


Provide ChatGPT with your write-up, specifying what type of content you’re feeding it. Subsequently, instruct the AI to read the material and not do anything else unless you’ve given it the editing checklist.


Once you’re done with the second step, share the “Seven Sweeps” checklist with ChatGPT. If you want an idea on how to do this effectively, see this example from Copyhackers.


After ChatGPT finishes its analysis of the first sweep, you can edit the copy yourself or prompt it to provide you with recommendations.


Once you’ve edited the copy, you can prompt ChatGPT to repeat the whole process for all of the “Seven “Sweeps.”

There you have it—all you need to know about the “Seven Sweeps” used in conjunction with ChatGPT!

As you’ll discover, the “sweeps” and the prompts will provide you with a solid copy editing process that you can use each time you write copies!

Remember: When using the techniques we shared with you, take note that ChatGPT can get lost sometimes and it won’t be aware of your research about your audience.

That’s why it’s important to thoroughly check its editing recommendations and assess whether they make sense.

This may take additional time, but it’s still a great way to exercise your copy editing and AI prompting skills.

Apply the writing strategy we shared with you today in your next write-up. You never know, this tactic just might be what you need to elevate your writing!

About The Dynamic Marketing Communiqué’s
“Wednesdays: Write with the Pen of the Masters”

Who doesn’t find content writing to be a skill that requires a lot of practice and effort?

In fact, many people may even find copywriting very intimidating.

However, you can be a good writer as long as you have the right tools. You won’t always get things right the first time, but with enough time and practice, you’ll get the hang of it!

When you write copy for any brand or for your company, your aim is to make an impact and…

… to get people to remember.

Getting people to remember means getting consumers to buy your product or avail of your service.

… and when you get your content to deliver the results you want, THAT is great copy!

Every Wednesday, we publish content based on tips and insights from the masters of content writing, copywriting, and storytelling.

Become more familiar with ways to write great copy that helps you gain ROI from your efforts, drive profitability, and achieve your business goals.

Learn time-tested tactics that better capture the attention of your target audience, and maximize the benefits of great copywriting.

Hope you find this week’s insights interesting and helpful.

Stay tuned for next Wednesday’s “Write with the Pen of the Masters!”


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