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If you want to capture your reader’s attention, produce write-ups that SELL an idea, not present one. [Wednesday: Write with the Pen of the Masters]

March 6, 2024

Whether you are writing in a government, academic, or professional setting, your goal isn’t just to inform, but to persuade somebody to agree to your recommendation, concur with your opinions, or buy the product or service you are writing about. 

It is not enough to be persuasive in person; you need to translate that charm onto your writing.

After all, if you cannot write persuasively, your reader will end up ignoring the content you wrote.

So… what should you do to avoid this?

Write as if you’re selling an idea, not just presenting one!

Many writers fall short on catching the attention of their target audience because they fail to keep this principle in mind.

Unless you’re able to sell your ideas, you won’t be able to capture your reader’s attention and get them to pursue the course of action you had in mind.

To make a persuasive case and to effectively sell to your readers what you’re writing about, keep these principles in mind:


Passion and logic should go together.

When writing, you need to employ both logic and passion behind your facts. This way, your readers aren’t just reading a wall of text, you’re convincing them why you deserve their attention and why they need to buy into what you’re writing.

Subsequently, anticipate and overcome your readers’ reservations, so you can instill confidence that you have thought long and hard about the case you’re trying to make


Provide your readers with relevant information.

Some writers spend hours writing content they think their readers would want to read… only for their audience to stop reading their write-ups midway.

One of the primary reasons as to why this happens is because some write-ups are filled with information that’s irrelevant to a reader

Information can persuade readers… only if it’s relevant.


Propose solutions relevant to your reader’s pain point.

Specifics persuade, but only if these are relevant to the reader’s pain point.

That’s why when writing, make sure that you dedicate a part in your write-up where you state the problem you’re addressing.

However, simply stating a problem isn’t enough. Through your words, you have to “agitate” the situation and let your readers know how painful it is to leave a struggle unresolved.

Once you’ve done that, tell your readers how they can solve their problem by offering your recommendation or product as a solution to their pain points.

Make sure to highlight the benefits of accepting your recommendation or buying your product. Explain to your readers what they can expect to get and feel once their problem is solved.

By incorporating these principles into your writing, you’ll be able to create content that successfully persuades your target audience to act on your recommendation or call-to-action!

So, if you’re a professional and a big part of what you do involves writing, incorporate this week’s writing insight into your next write-up!

About The Dynamic Marketing Communiqué’s
“Wednesdays: Write with the Pen of the Masters”

Who doesn’t find content writing to be a skill that requires a lot of practice and effort?

In fact, many people may even find copywriting very intimidating.

However, you can be a good writer as long as you have the right tools. You won’t always get things right the first time, but with enough time and practice, you’ll get the hang of it!

When you write copy for any brand or for your company, your aim is to make an impact and…

… to get people to remember.

Getting people to remember means getting consumers to buy your product or avail of your service.

… and when you get your content to deliver the results you want, THAT is great copy!

Every Wednesday, we publish content based on tips and insights from the masters of content writing, copywriting, and storytelling.

Become more familiar with ways to write great copy that helps you gain ROI from your efforts, drive profitability, and achieve your business goals.

Learn time-tested tactics that better capture the attention of your target audience, and maximize the benefits of great copywriting.

Hope you find this week’s insights interesting and helpful.

Stay tuned for next Wednesday’s “Write with the Pen of the Masters!”


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