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Is your health your #1 wealth? MBO Partners’ CEO shares why it’s important to invest in your well-being! [Fridays: Mindfulness by Miles]

April 22, 2022

Miles Everson’s Business Builder Daily speaks to the heart of what great marketers, business leaders, and other professionals need to succeed in advertising, communications, managing their investments, career strategy, and more.

A Note from Miles Everson:

I love working out and exercising.

For those of you who are the same age as I am or are near my age, you’ll probably understand why I like doing these activities and why I invest in my overall health.

As a middle-aged man, it’s important for me to stay physically active and healthy because as the saying goes, “Health is wealth.” When my body is at its best, I am also able to do my job excellently and effectively.

Do you know that exercising positively impacts not only your physical health but also your emotional health and mental health?

Keep reading to know some benefits of exercise that you might not yet know about. I hope this encourages you to commit to a regular workout routine!

Miles Everson
CEO, MBO Partners
Chairman of the Advisory Board, The I Institute

Mindfulness by Miles

Regular exercise has various health benefits for the body and brain.

According to Dr. Tara Swart, a neuroscientist, medical doctor, and leadership coach, exercise helps reduce a person’s risk of developing dementia by 30%.

Getting physically active also makes one’s brain more agile. It helps improve the mind’s neuroplasticity, or the ability to mature and change well into adulthood.

Here’s another benefit that will motivate you to commit to a regular workout routine:

Exercising leads to better brain functions like emotional regulation and flexible thinking. People who regularly work out are better at handling multiple tasks.

Wouldn’t you want to experience all these benefits?

We bet you would!

According to Miles Everson, CEO of MBO Partners, when you do a type of exercise that you enjoy, your body releases more BDNF—a brain-derived neurotrophic factor that causes brain cells to grow—compared to when you feel like exercising is a chore.

The more BDNF is released, the more beneficial it will be for your general well-being.

What does this imply?

Intention is important in brain activity. Everson says wanting to exercise and having an optimistic attitude towards it makes it more beneficial.

Photo from Society19.com

There are different types of exercise that target different brain areas and functions. Check out the list below to know more about these activities:

  1. Walking and aerobic exercise help improve memory, learning, and emotions. 

Everson agrees with a medical study that states walking and doing some aerobic exercises create positive changes in the hippocampus, or the part of the brain that relates to memory, learning, and emotional control. 


This is because an increase in neuroplasticity and oxygen supply during a workout session leads to growth in the hippocampal part of your brain. This also avoids natural atrophy or wasting away of cells over time. 

So… if you want to improve your memory and how you control your emotions, Everson says you should start committing to a regular walking routine or aerobic exercises. 

You’ll see, even brisk walking will do wonders in maintaining and future-proofing your brain! 

  1. Hand-eye coordination activities enhance social and emotional well-being. 

Getting involved in table tennis or in any other sport that requires coordinating your social skills and hand-eye movement exercises the parts of your cerebral cortex that relate to social-emotional welfare. 

Additionally, activities that require variety and coordination skills such as Zumba or other types of dance have positive brain benefits. 

That’s why for Everson, if you like to improve in the social and emotional aspects of your life, you should give these exercises a try. These will help improve how you handle your emotions and interact with others. 

  1. Boxing helps eliminate stress. 

Punch all your stress, anxieties, and worries away! 

Boxing is a beneficial sport that involves cardio and muscle toning. This activity doesn’t only enable you to let go of the negative emotions you feel, but also helps improve the tone and shape of your body. 

A few more benefits of boxing are: 

  • Improved balance and posture
  • Stronger upper body and core
  • Increased alertness 
  • Boosted endurance
  • Improved mood

According to Everson, boxing is worth a try—even if you feel like you’re too weak to do it or that this sport is not for you. He says after doing a few punches, you’ll notice and feel a positive difference in your body.

He also has an extra tip regarding doing the exercises above: Air quality matters!

Photo from the US Environmental Protection Agency

Here’s the thing: In an urban landscape, air quality is an element that’s commonly ignored whenever people talk about their well-being.

In fact, Everson admits he’s one of those who often disregard the impacts of air quality on health because it’s one of the things people usually have no control over.

… but he’s currently doing his best to stop this bad habit.

He says if you’re serious about taking your physical health and active lifestyle to the next level, you have to start considering air quality and avoid exercising in polluted areas as much as possible.


It’s because exercising in areas with poor air quality decreases the secretion of BDNF!

Besides, imagine the effect this will have on your lungs. It’s terrible! If you want to get the most out of your workout sessions, make sure you exercise in a clean environment.

If you’re living in an area that’s quite polluted, Everson recommends waking up early (when there aren’t a lot of cars on the road yet) to exercise so you avoid inhaling harmful gasses and chemicals that prohibit the growth and connection of cells in your body.

He states you may also opt to exercise in a clean and enclosed room (in case waking up early isn’t for you) so there’s less harmful chemicals when you work out.

We hope you find Everson’s health advice helpful and insightful!

Keep in mind that committing to a regular workout routine will not only let you experience improved cognitive functions but also:

  • Help you improve your work performance
  • Enable you to enhance your social and emotional skills
  • Boost your overall immunity


Train yourself to develop a positive attitude towards exercising as early as NOW!

Once you do, you’ll start feeling smarter, stronger, and healthier. 💪

Have a great day ahead!

(This article is from The Business Builder Daily, a newsletter by The I Institute in collaboration with MBO Partners.)

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