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Make your PRESENCE powerful: How to gain confidence and project professionalism as a speaker [Speak on the Shoulders of Giants]

May 6, 2020

The two components that help create a great speech?

  1. A well-written set of ideas
  2. A powerful message

However, no matter how well a speech is structured, it would not have the same impact without great delivery and projection from the speaker himself.

No speaker worth their salt would tell you that an engaging or inspired presentation is unnecessary, as long as your idea and content are great.

What they’d tell you is you need to command the attention of your audience the very moment you step in.

Before you start or say anything.

Know how to carry yourself before, during, and after you speak.

This is what POWER PRESENCE is all about.

— This is just one of the powerful secrets featured in James C. Humes’ book, “Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln.”

We have previously talked about other tips to guide you creating a strong speech, such as the POWER LINE and the POWER POINT.

For this week, we’ll discuss the Power Presence and how it helps define you as a speaker.

History’s greatest speakers have built a unique image for themselves. This is how their audience would remember them and the impact they’ve made.

Confidence, mood, posture, how you dress, and the way you project yourself on and off stage

—these are important to think about when you’re preparing for a presentation.

Make your presence powerful.


Observe proper posture. You want to project a comfortable and confident you. It will make a big difference.

Who wants to listen to someone slouching around or hunching over a podium the whole time they’re presenting?

Stand straight and do your best to move around confidently. You’d be surprised how this can command your audience’s attention.

Power Dressing

Dress to impress, while dressing appropriately.

Your choice of outfit is dependent on the nature of the event. Formal business meetings or presentations would require you to don a suit. A smaller crowd or classroom setting might allow you to wear something more comfortable.

You can also wear something that is consistent with your brand. For example, our CEO at Valens Research is well-known for his three-piece suit everywhere he goes. That’s his branding.

Professor Joel Litman, President and CEO of Valens Research, addressed the audience at the Spark 5: The
Ayala Group Innovation Summit 2018 in Manila Philippines on November 5, 2018.

Whatever you choose, always remember to dress properly and in something you find comfortable.

Thinking about the right way to act and present yourself during a presentation or speech shows professionalism and respect for the audience and those that invited you.

Good content and structure of ideas are important, but presenting yourself in the best way possible is important too.

Grab your audience’s attention and gain their respect. Power presence.

Try this on your next speech or presentation!

About The Dynamic Marketing Communiqué’s
“Wednesdays: Speak on the Shoulders of Giants”

In a meeting with one person

…a boardroom with five people

…or a huge venue with hundreds of people

—whatever the situation or setting, it’s very important to learn and eventually master the art of public speaking.

No matter what, you always need to effectively get your message across.

What good is a presentation with awesome content if you don’t deliver it properly?

Every Wednesday, we publish different tips, insights, and secrets on how you can improve your presentation skills to captivate your audience and lead interesting discussions.

The need for great presentation skills applies EVERYWHERE.

(Small meetings with your team, big meetings with your boss, an important marketing pitch, speaking engagements for events with a big audience, etc.)

Learning these skills is not just for the corporate world. Being in other industries such as the Arts, Information Technology, Medicine, and Education while knowing how to present well will definitely give you an edge.

Have that advantage.

Hope you’ve found this week’s public speaking tip interesting and helpful.

Stay tuned for next Wednesday’s Speak on the Shoulders of Giants!


Kyle Yu
Head of Marketing
Valens Dynamic Marketing Capabilities
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