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Raising morale during tough times: Taking inspiration from history’s greatest speeches [Speak on the Shoulders of Giants]

March 18, 2020

History’s greatest speakers are known for their ability to not only capture their audience’s attention but also raise their morale during challenging times.

Their speeches motivated people to do things that made positive changes in society.

Some of the most memorable speeches were made as a response to events such as wars, global recessions, and natural calamities.

With the world currently facing another major crisis, COVID-19, it’s good to look back at some of the most important examples of great speeches throughout world history.

Speeches from history

A man who was able to address the people during some of history’s toughest chapters was Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States.

During his presidency, the country was in the middle of the Great Depression.

It was a global economic crisis that affected the jobs and livelihood of the entire country.

FDR was able to give assurance to the public in his acceptance speech at the 1932 Democratic National Convention. He declared “war” on the Great Depression and laid out all of the policies to alleviate the country’s ailing economy.

“I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people.”

He declared a concrete plan that helped set the country along the right path, and the speech helped Roosevelt regain the trust of the public towards the American government. It also cemented his presidential candidacy, eventually claiming victory in the elections in 1932, and then winning the next three elections. Over the next few years, the country was able to make a dramatic recovery.

With his acceptance speech in 1932, Roosevelt was able to capture the public’s attention and give them hope that they would be able to navigate through the toughest of times. This serves as a great example of how leaders should be addressing the public at any given time.

Addressing today’s health crisis

The world is currently in the midst of a major health crisis.

Over the past two months, COVID-19 has spread throughout different parts of the globe.

Along with affecting the general populace, companies and businesses have also canceled and postponed various events and activities, negatively impacting the world’s economy.

As a result, livelihoods have been affected, causing a general state of panic and uncertainty that has negatively impacted the public’s mood.

Governments and organizations have responded to the health threat, establishing preventive measures, and providing aid to people infected.

With the confidence of the public at a general low point, various business leaders and heads of state have spoken to assure the public that they are doing whatever they can to overcome the current crisis.

These brief yet important statements aim to provide more answers to people, preventing panic from spreading. This also raises public morale because people are well-informed of what to do in the current situation and how they can do their part in preventing the crisis from getting out of hand.

At times like these, it’s best to follow examples from history and take inspiration from people like Roosevelt. Creating motivational speeches for the general public, your whole company, or your team regardless of what your role is in society will help raise morale and alleviate any concerns and worries.


Be transparent – When it comes to providing facts and information, it’s best to be as honest and transparent as possible. The public wants to know the exact situation and how it will be addressed.

Provide concrete steps and solutions – Along with assuring the public that the situation is under control, it’s also important to provide a proper set of solutions and procedures to follow. This will keep everyone well-informed, and avoid instances of panic and confusion.

Have empathy – Emotions run very high during these challenging scenarios, which is why it’s important to acknowledge the audience’s feelings during a speech. Having empathy means that you understand the needs of the people and care about overcoming the whole situation.

Challenging times bring out the strength in people. This is why addressing these moments through impactful speeches can help raise everyone’s spirits and empower them to work together to make a positive change.

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