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This website made USD 12 million a year by sticking to their niche! How can you do it too? [Every Thursday: FYO!]

April 23, 2020

Blogs are one of the most popular forms of content, with more than 500 million blogs available online in 2019.

As written content becomes more widespread, people and brands have utilized blogs as a way of providing useful information to users.

With so many possible topics to choose, there is no shortage of articles to write about!

Brands have become more aware of how effective blogs are, especially niche blogs.

Focusing on a specific topic might sound restrictive, but writing about something that you are passionate about means you can make the most out of your content!

This is what niche blogging is all about!

While branching out to multiple topics might help a diverse group of users find your content, niche blogging assures you target the right audience.

Sticking to a specific topic allows you to become the top source of information for that niche, which in turn helps more people find your brand online.

This content marketing strategy has been utilized by many brands over the years, creating quality blogs that provide a wealth of information on brand-related topics.

One website that has carved out its niche very well is Copyblogger.

Starting out as a one-man blog by founder Brian Clark in 2006, Copyblogger grew into one of the most popular content marketing blogs.

The website features tips, guides, and all kinds of useful content related to content marketing, and it has remained focused on that ever since!

This focus on useful content stemmed from Clark’s extensive market research, allowing him to understand what his audience’s pain points were, and create content that can help them!

This resulted in quality niche content that’s filled with great information and is very fun to read!

Besides, where else can you find a blog that compares rock band Nickelback to email marketing?

Sticking to their niche has also helped Copyblogger grow into a very profitable brand, with USD 12 million in annual revenue generated as of 2017.

Websites like this are proof that focusing on a specific niche can help you create a successful blog or website.

You might think that after a long time, Copyblogger might have run out of things to write about in their niche…

But that was never the case!

They continue to publish high-quality content that keeps driving traffic to their site.

If you’re worried about SEO, niche blogging is beneficial for your brand’s online presence. Search engines will instantly recognize the type of content that you regularly post. This helps them identify your niche, making it easier for users to find you online.

As search engines like Google focus on prioritizing quality content for their users, becoming the authoritative source of content is important.

In one of our previous FYO entries about thought leadership content, understanding your audience and content optimization is key to becoming a top source of online content.

You can do this for your brand’s niche and get on top of the search results!

Content marketing and SEO are very competitive, especially as the digital landscape expands. By focusing on a specific niche for your content, you would be able to establish your online presence much better, and help more people find your brand online!

About The Dynamic Marketing Communiqué’s
Thursdays: FYO! Find You Optimization

Why should you stop thinking SEO and start thinking FYO?

We’re not saying that you should abandon Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Don’t get us wrong, of course, we know this is something very important, especially in today’s digital marketing age.

The internet landscape is vast, and a world of its own. You really need to distinguish yourself and make your brand/company/website known and easily searchable.

Better yet, get to the top of page one for Top Results on Google or any other search engine.

However, what is the purpose of SEO? It’s that customers Find You!

That’s what matters. So, while SEO is one factor of FYO… it really is only one, and we ought not to abandon all the myriad of ways digitally and offline for improving your FYO.

How can we look at this from a different and better perspective?

Let’s say you have it in the bag! You and your team are experts in SEO. Awesome. But did you ever wonder what else you could do to push it further and give your SEO skills a boost?

FYO! Find You Optimization!

You need your target audience to FIND YOU—your brand, product, service, or offer. This is SEO plus other tools that increase visibility online (and offline).

Every Thursday, we publish content on how you can get your target market to find you, beyond the typical “type and search.” There are other things you can do along with your SEO to give your online advertising process a boost.

Try considering other tactics beyond it—WOMO (Word Of Mouth Optimization), RO (Referral Optimization), and “All-Other-Means-Of-Getting-Your-Target-Market-To-Find-You” Optimization (AOMOGYTMTFY, if you’d like a long acronym).

Part of a great marketing strategy is knowing how to adapt new methods and make use of different types of marketing and promotion that best fit your business goals and which give you the results you want.

Hope you’ve found this week’s insights interesting and helpful.

Stay tuned for next Thursday’s FYO!


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Head of Marketing
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