Thought Leadership in Strategy & Finance

  • Quote  |  November 27, 2018

    “Overall, CFOs have come to view financial reporting largely as a compliance activity rather than as a vehicle of innovation designed to inform stakeholders and lower the cost of capital.” – Earnings Quality: Evidence from the Field (Dichev, Graham, Harvey, Rajgopal)

  • Quote  |  November 26, 2018

    “Try to figure out what your skill set is and apply that to the markets. If you are really good at accounting, you might be good as a value investor. If you are strong in computers and math, you might do best with a quantitative approach.” – Edward Thorp, Stock Market and Black Jack Expert from the book “Market Wizards” by Jack Schwager

  • Quote  |  November 25, 2018

    “All the powers of existence help those who are involved in good benevolent work.” – The Holy Vedas

  • Quote  |  November 24, 2018

    “You know you’re in the growth stage of the bull market when people with no stock expertise are suddenly stock experts.” – Joel Litman

  • Quote  |  November 23, 2018

    “Investors cannot understand the complexity of the new accounting rules, so in many cases they look for the companies to educate them so they can better understand it and better explain it.” – Earnings Quality: Evidence from the Field (Dichev, Graham, Harvey, Rajgopal)

  • Quote  |  November 22, 2018

    “The higher the level of consciousness, the greater the likelihood that what is held in mind will actualize. To see solutions that ‘serve the highest goal’ is more powerful than simply projecting fulfillment of merely personal selfish desires and gain.” – David R. Hawkins

  • Quote  |  November 21, 2018

    “You give before you get.” – Napoleon Hill

  • Quote  |  November 20, 2018

    “A large majority of CFOs feel that earnings misrepresentation occurs most often in an attempt to influence stock price, because of outside and inside pressure to hit earnings benchmarks, and to avoid adverse compensation and career consequences for senior executives.” – Earnings Quality: Evidence from the Field (Dichev, Graham, Harvey, Rajgopal)

  • Quote  |  November 19, 2018

    “Integrity…it means doing what is right. Not necessarily what is correct – no one is correct all the time. But doing what is right.” – Roberto Goizueta

  • Quote  |  November 18, 2018

    “In some cases, also, arbitrary values have been placed on the fixed assets – values which bear little relation to the actual cost of their subsequent fair value… The epithet, ‘watered stock’ was commonly applied to inflated capitalizations of this kind.” – Ben Graham, The Interpretation of Financial Statements 1937

  • Quote  |  November 17, 2018

    “If the as-reported P/E ratios were even remotely reliable for investing, why do we witness HIGHEST P/Es in 2001 and 2009, exactly when we should have been BUYING stocks? The problem with the P/E is not the ‘P.’ The problem is the ‘E.’” – Joel Litman

  • Quote  |  November 16, 2018

    “We became rich without compromising our integrity. In fact, we credit our integrity with significantly contributing to our success.” – Thomas J. Stanley

  • Quote  |  November 15, 2018

    “An individual’s level of consciousness is determined by the principles to which he or she is committed. To maintain progress in consciousness, there can be no wavering from principle, or the individual will fall back to a lower level.” – David Hawkins

  • Quote  |  November 14, 2018

    “The key to investing is not assessing how much an industry is going to affect society, or how much it will grow, but rather determining the competitive advantage of any given company and, above all, the durability of that advantage.” – Warren Buffett

  • Quote  |  November 13, 2018

    “Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.” – Peter Drucker

  • Quote  |  November 12, 2018

    “Fair value accounting creates a level of volatility and change, even though nothing in the business seems to have changed. That is the new frontier of confusion.” – Earnings Quality: Evidence from the Field (Dichev, Graham, Harvey, Rajgopal)

  • Quote  |  November 11, 2018

    “Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes.” – Napoleon Hill

  • Quote  |  November 10, 2018

    “‘Don’t hate the player, hate the game.’ It’s not management’s fault that the financial statements are a mess. It’s the accounting rule-makers that have made them that way.” – Joel Litman

  • Quote  |  November 9, 2018

    “CFOs believe that 60% of earnings management is income-increasing, and 40% is income-decreasing.” – Earnings Quality: Evidence from the Field (Dichev, Graham, Harvey, Rajgopal)

  • Quote  |  November 8, 2018

    “Tomorrow is an idea for which we must plan, but we can never live it. Whatever you need to do and experience in your life, you can only experience it today. You never experience tomorrow; it is just your imagination, and yesterday is only your memory.” – Sadhguru