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This simple investment framework has proven to outperform the market by 1.5x in the long-term

June 11, 2021

We often write articles about the top investors in their respective fields–from value and growth investors all the way to quant funds and high-frequency traders.

Each of these investors believes in a different strategy that allows them to beat the market.

We have integrated these strategies to develop a framework that identifies high quality, high growth, and cheap names. It’s called the QGV 50, and our monthly report has proven to consistently beat the market.

Investor Essentials Daily:
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In our weekly portfolio and fund review articles, we often highlight how great investors pick stocks that line up with Uniform Accounting…not as-reported metrics as they are misleading and inconsistent.

We also discuss how these fund managers who have had great success over the years have a sound strategy for beating the market that is repeatable and powerful.

One example is the Baupost Group. Seth Klarman, similar to Babe Ruth, called his investing ‘shot.’ He told everyone he was going to beat the market, and then he actually did it.

On a high level, the fund focuses on finding value companies that trade at a discount to intrinsic value.

We have also analyzed many of the great growth investors over time.

Driehaus Capital Management is a great example of a top quality growth-oriented fund.

Great growth investors like Richard Driehaus focus on understanding where expensive companies can get even more expensive because their growth can be even stronger than the markets expect.

Unfortunately, Driehaus, the long-time founder of the fund passed away, but the fund’s strategy still remains intact.

Still, other investors like Buffett or even Akre Capital Management, focus on buying high-quality companies where they can have confidence in their cash flows for years to come. This ultimately is meant to reduce their risk.

Each strategy has had significant success, which is why so many of the people we focus on are household names in the investing world, even though they are so different.

But what if you could combine the best of all three of those strategies, finding companies that are high quality, high growth, cheap names, and the holy grail of investing opportunities?

Well, we think we’ve built just that process with the QGV 50, a special monthly report we put out. And we’re having a special event next Friday to highlight how we’ve built this strategy.

If you want to hear more, and get access to the special report, you can click here to register, and we look forward to having you!

Best regards,

Joel Litman & Rob Spivey

Chief Investment Strategist &
Director of Research
at Valens Research

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